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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 11, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is wjz-tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. good morning maryland, now don scott, marty bass, first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala.
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hello. at the top of the hour, light rain on the roof and ton roads you will take to go to school and/or work, how people are progressing along there. marty is over at first warning weather. >> here is radar. we have a tonover rain in the air. i don't care where you are watching. we are getting steady shower activity in the region right now. let's look at the day part. we are not that far away pr the high. we are right around 50 conversationally speaking whether in west minister, you get me, forced to -- we are all around 50. 52 at lunch going to a high, maybe 55. low to mid-50s is an good example, standard temperatures. this evening, 48, types of clouds, rain. we don't clear out until friday. rain only seems to complicate the commute. >> that's for sure. we have an accident on major roadway, in fact wet roadway, 95 in the northbound lanes at
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295, you can see in the middle of the screen we have an accident there, it is blocking the left lane. so far no delays though which is good news, watch for a traffic light also on butler road at route 30 and a water main break west franklin street. there's a live look at 95 rub running smoothly, but the roads are wet. remember wjz 13 is always on, so for traffic information any time you can log on to >> don back to you. >> thank you. here is what people are talking expabt reacting to this morning, the execution of john allen muhammad who was put to death last night in virginia, and as vic carter reports this morning, several relatives of muhammad's victims were there when he took his last breath. >> good morning, everyone. he was defiant until the end. john allen muhammad died by lethal injection shortly after 9:00 here in virginia. but those who talk with him moments before he died say he
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proclaimed his innocence but somehow it was resigned to a statement. >> the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out under the laws of the common wealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 91:00. >> reporter: the execution went according to a well rehearsed schedule. reporters who were witnesses recounted what they saw. >> by 9:00 p.m., six corrections officers had strapped him down, and you could see him clinch his fist, wiggled his right hand. >> he had no last statement but his attorneys spoke for him. >> the execution will raise feelings for the families devastated by the tragic shooting in 2002, and the for broader community. we deeply sympathize with the familys and loved ones who have to relive the pain and loss of
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those terrible days. >> a blue unmarked van wound its way around the compound carrying the reremains of john allen muhammad. until the end he pronounced his innocence. there was a hand full of protestors. among these derek and his son desmond. >> if you profess to be a christian it is thoord sit if the pew and say you believe in the death penalty. the execution brings back memories of three weeks of terror at the hand of a sniper. they were captured and charged with the killings. >> reporter: the remains are being taken back to his home in baton rouge, louisiana where his family will hold a service and burial. attorneys representing the families of the victims cameway by to say justice has been done. i'm vic carter, now back to you. >> thank you very much.
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if you are curious his lawyer says the last meal was chicken with red sauce. mayor dixon remains confident as the jury is seated and says she's okay with the selection. >> i am pleased with the process. i think it is balanced and i will have a fair trial. >> that work begins with the 12 people on the jury as they will hear the case and decide if she is guilty and mary bubala is leaving our complete coverage. after many hour exam two days a jury is now seated in mayor dixon's trial. mayor dixon described jury selection as interesting. what is interesting about the process. she and her defense team have spent two days carefully choosing the baltimore city residents they think will be sympathetic to her and render a not guilty verdict. >> we are satisfied with the jury that has been selected.
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we look forward to a fair trial. >> reporter: late today a jury of 12 was seated deciding mayor dixon's guilt or innocence are five african american women, two african american women, three white women, one white man and one asian woman. >> it is a fair cross section of the city, and it is a group of jurors who appear they will take the case seriously, and do their jobs earnestly. >> i'm a little surprised because this is a very high profile case and people tend to have pretty strong opinions proor con about public officials like the mayor. >> reporter: dixon faces a seven count indictment on chans of theft. it is said she stole hundreds of dollars of gift cards intended for the needy of the alleged spending sprees at best buy, target and old navy where prosecutors say dixon used gift cards, some times 19 at that
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time to be a xbox, playstation, cam corderrer electronics, and clothes. including the former boyfriend who is cooperating with state prosecutors and is expected to testify against the mayor. >> all along, the mayor has maintained her innocence but if quick she would be removed from office, forfeit her pension and face a fine. the trial starts up in earnest at 10:00 a.m. on thursday. >> thank you very much. stay with wjz for complete coverage and our team of reporters will cover this case and explain how it will impact the city of baltimore. a police officer says he won't sleep easy until his partner is back on his feet, all four of them. one of the k-9 officers is still recovering after he was shot while chasing a suspect.
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he mistook, and the officer thought the dog was a stray. he was snot the shoulder. no word on when he can return to the duty. today is a veterans day and another grim reminer of the ultimate price of water. we will go live to the war memorial plaza. >> reporter: good morning don and good morning everyone. on this veteran's day, there's word that a maryland marine is the latest to die in fighting in afghanistan. >> 26-year-old sergeant charles cartwright died saturday while supporting combat operations. he lives in union bridge just west of west minister. ♪ amazing grace. >> reporter: cartwright's death comes as another maryland family grieves over if loss of
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a55-year-old juanita. president obama remembered her during yesterday's memorial service. >> she was a sing m mom who put herself through college graduate school. she also left behind a loving husband. >> on this veteran's day to remember our nation's hero, people like sergeant cartwright and wills colonel. >> in a word of threats that no no border, there l be marked in the safeties and towns and security and opportunity that's extended abroad. >> and later this morn, first lady, katie o'malley will attend a letter writing service thanking veterans and their families for their service. >> thank you. the governor is set to speak about the unique needs of military children. >> and in howard county, today is the last day teens can use
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tanning beds. many health experts say yugz tanning beds before the age of 30 can increase the chance of skin cancer by up to 75%. once again the indoor tanning bed for teens goes into effect tomorrow. >> tanning is a big thing though. remember we had the plastic surgeon on. plastic surgeons are doing the spray tan thing. >> point taken, doctors are,. >> up hundred. >> saying here is the better l alternative. >> noted plastic surgeon doing it among others. >> nothing looks worse than an anemic looking white man. about the middle of january i don't look in the mirror and you think when i am the same color as the palm of my hand it is time to go to florida. >> or some place nice and
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sunny. >> or risk my life and hit a tanning or bed. -- that's my measure. [inaudible] >> i know it is the middle of winter. >> 56 degrees is the high, a little cloudy, rain, breeze, cool, yeah it is one of those day, showers in the forecast tonight, and through tomorrow. okay. >> go to the -- when you toll me what we were doing today. ron take it away. >> it is, we are live at the wal-mart, the master of horror, stephen king is here at the wal- mart, appearing this evening, about 150 folks are in line already. [cheering and applause] >> for a book signing, these folks got here at 6:00 last night. people from new jersey,
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pennsylvania they're herement we will tell you about it then eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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. north, northeast breeze at 10. the barometer is at 23. we have a cold front through the region. that's because of the somehow -- shower activity. we are right around 50 degrees. you have odd ball number, 57 ocean city, a 48 haegerstown but otherwise it is right around 50. 46 in west minister, 49 bell air. but again we are not that far from the daytime high. this is moving through area and starting to slow up. remember you have low pressure off of the florida coast that did have the name ida. so ida is causing a little bit of a beak up, prevening this front from clearing the area. by tomorrow night it does, and then skies clear out, dry
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conditions move in. we actually see a warm front during the middle of the week en. this is a 56 is the high, if we get there. the low to mid-50s is the daytime high. 42 tonight, tomorrow continue somehowers with a high of 49 degrees. we will clear out, 55 on friday, clouds saturday, infusion of warm up, 67 clearing on sunday. monday sunny and 62. don, take it away. thank you. going slow. >> actually no delays at this point, we cleared up the one and on accident at 95, leaving us with just a few issue, traffic light down on butler road at route 30 and also still have the water main break in the city with possible loan r lane closure, west franklin street. otherwise there's a live lookout side, 95 at 395, wet but running smoothly. same if for the west side at liberty and 95 at 152. you can choose from one of
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america's best selections with, click on buy at, back to you guy. >> let's get right to the roster because this is incredible. check this out. this is the number one seller. >> done at wal-mart. >> this wal-mart in dundoff is the number one selling store in the chain. >> we couldn't hear you. >> hang on. >> ronnie, hang on. we will get back. >> what you were saying g stephen king is coming there. this is why. >> kind of a -- >> how about now? o r okay. we have you now. what you were telling me is that in the entire chain, this one is the top sellers of stephen king novels. >> that's right.
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a quick trivia question, how many books do i don't you think he has sold. >> 35. >> million. >> 350 million. >> i was thinking of individual titles. >> 350 million i am told he has not done a book signing in 18 years and he's their night at the wal-mart. these folks are in line, 150 people already, and they're lined up around the corner. mr. king is not here until 6:00 this evening. the first people in line were here at 6:00 last night. we will talk to them right now. >> what's your name. >> rob hall. >> you're from where. >> maryland. >> obviously a stephen king fan. >> yes but my wife is a bigger fan. >> tell us why. >> reading his books for years and love them. >> you have the new bookment that's why people are here for
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the book signing. >> yes, under the dome. >> unthe dome. >> very good. >> we have people from annapolis, virginia, pennsylvania, new jersey,. >> they're giving away 400 wristbands. >> yes t first 400 people will get a wrist band that will entitle them to go into the store this evening and get a copy of the book. i want to introduce will. will say hi to don and marty. >> hi. >> will, where are you from. >> southern new jersey. >> when did you get here? >> at about 10:00 p.m. last night. >> you have friend with you in line,. >> yes, i do. >> can you bring a trailer or something. >> just my beat up 1997 jeep. >> do you have a favorite stephen king book. >> pet cemetery or the shining. >> thank you very much. you think about the works of stephen king, and the sand t
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dead zone, fire starter, the dark tower, and how about the movies they have made from his work. stand by me, my favorite, the shaw shank redemption, my oh my. come on over, paul is the manager. paul, why was the -- [cheering and applause] >> he has his own fan club. paul will be signing books. >> where why was your store selected for stephen king who has not done a book sign in we are told like 18 years. >> all of the books we sale in our store, stephen king is the best selling as a percentage of all the books we sale the largest percentage of stephen king books. >> that's amazing, absolutely. >> yeah. and folks will be able to get in when? we will expedite wristbands and try to start them a little after 7:00. they're numbers so everybody, these folks that were the first people here will be the first to go in, they will buy the
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book this morning and go home for several hour glass that's great. we should mention, stephen skink speaking here to height. >> yes, this is, only one of two signings he is actually doing. all appearances of the eight he is signing the books in advance and they're passing them on on a lottery. here 400 people will get books and she's speaking for 15 minutes before the event. >> the master of horror, stephen king, the king here tonight. >> all the more is the city reads. >> isn't that the truth. >> send it back to you. >> see you. >> all right. beautiful. >> we are taking break and coming right back. it is veterans day 2009.
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now the complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> here is first warning doppler, we have shower activity right now. we are going to have shower activity through the day. just keep an umbrella handy, temperatures in the low 50s, remain steady through the day. >> if you are having a hard time getting a good night's sleep. start planning your retirement.
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good morning. here is something to look forward to retirement, better sleep a study of nearly 15,000 retired workers found the chances of having disturbed sleep in the seven years following retirement were 26% lower than in the seven years before. the researchers surmise that the improvements in sleep had less to do with how the people were spinning their retirement, and more to do with the fact they this fewer demands and less psychological stress. i am kelly lynn, with health watch. >> thank you. moving forward a key benchmark reached. how it can impact the case. john allen muhammad is put to death. i'm vic carter in virginia, a report is coming up. a maryland marine died in afghanistan. that story is coming up. >> sharon gibala here, so far no delays but other issues, what and where after the break. >> coming up on coffee with
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csi, dr. raymond langston. join us at the trilogy in progress. and we talked to lawrence just the other day about it. we put the -- all i can think is more. the morning edition continues right after this. @
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good morning maryland now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wgn maryland's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is going to be a rainy day going to and from work. we will have the latest. first warning doppler, it is in motion, and so is this rain, steady rain, not necessarily heavy but a couple of pockets around the area. where ever you are watching you are getting wet. not only is it gray and damp, we will keep temperatures essentially steady, we are at about 50 degrees right now conversationally speaking. we will be at 50 at lunch,
6:31 am
maybe we get low to mid-50s this afternoon. dropping down to 47, still feeling damp and cloudy this afternoon. >> rain to wait you on the way, here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> pretty light volume but it is veterans day, we have rain on the roads creating some issues as far as accidents. we have two new ones, one at camp immediate, the second one? the city at west 24th. we ales are the traffic light out and butler at route 30. we have learned about closures because of the water main break at north, is where the break is. frankly is closed between -- between edmondson. otherwise everything is moving smoothly, speeds up to par pretty much. here is a live look at 95, everything looking good on the beltway at 295 as well as 95, and this traffic report is brought to you by toyota,
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including prius, toyota mhoing forward. don back to you. >> here is what people will talk about. one of the serial snipers is dead. john allen muhammad was executed last night in virginia south of richmond. vic carter spent the day and evening there and has more on what took place. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. he was defiant until the end. john allen muhammad died by thee that will injection shortly after 9:00 here, but those who talked with him moments before said he maintained his innocence. >> the execution has been carried out under the laws of the common wealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:11 p.m. >> reporter: reporters who were witnesses recould wanted what they saw. >> by 9:00 p.m., six corrections officers had strapped him down and you can
6:33 am
see muhammad clinch his fist a few times and wiggled his right foot, what i noticed. then the blue curtain was shut. >> he had no last statements, but his attorney spoke for him. >> the execution will raise a lot of different feelings for the family defer stated by the tragic shootings and for the broader community affected by those crimes. we deeply sympathize with the families and loved ones who have to relive and pap and loss of those -- pain and loss of those terrible days. >> till the end he professed his innocence. the e entrance of the prison was a hanful of protestor. >> if you profess to be a christian it is hard to sit if that pugh and say you believe
6:34 am
in the death penalty. >> the execution brings back memories of the three weeks of terror that left -- were captured and charged with the killings. >> from here the remains of john allen muhammad are being taken back where his family will hold a private service and burial. >> i am vic carter, now back to you. >> all on television hill. >> thank you, among the news last night, muhammad's lawyer said the last meal was chicken with red sauce and strawberry cake. in this city it took two days but a jury is seated in the trial of mayor sheila dixon and she's satisfied with those selected. >> i am pleased with the process. i think it is balanced and that i have a fair trial. >> the jurors are set to hear the arguments beginning
6:35 am
tomorrow in this case. here is mary bubala with what else to expect. >> good morning. major developments after many hours and two day, now
6:36 am
case seriously and do their jobs earnestly. >> i am surprised because this is a high profile case and people tend to have, like the mayor. >> dixon faces a seven count, says she stole hundreds of dollars in gift cards intended for the needy. these jurors will hear detail of the alleged spending sprees at best buy, target and hold navy where prosecute torse say dixon used gift cards, some times 19 at that time to buy electronics and clothes including the mayor's former boyfriend who is now cooperating with state prosecutor and is expected to testify against the mayor. >> she has maintained her innocence, if convicted she would be removed from office,
6:37 am
forfeit her pension, face jail time or a fine glvment the court is in recess tomorrow for veterans day and starts up on thursday. i'm mary by bah mary. >> will follow every aspect though case approximate how it will affect the city of baltimore. >> officials are investigating a possible security breech at mercy medical center downtown. our media partner report a former worker may have accessed patient records in order to steel identities and set up credit cards with them. you can read about the story in the baltimore sun. as mary mentioned today the nation pauses to honor our veterans. this morn it hittings close to home for one family. we will go live to memorial plaza. good morning once again. >> reporter: good morning everyone.
6:38 am
on this veterans day we are learning a maryland marine was the latest casualty of war in afghanistan. he was already honored with two purple hearts. 26-year-old sergeant charles cartwright died saturday in western afghanistan while supporting cop bat operations. he lived west of west minister. ♪ amazing grace. 55-year-old what knee the native died in last week's fort hood massacre. president obama remembered her during yesterday's service. >> she was a single mom who put herself through college and graduate school and served a nurse practitioner. urges all americans to remember
6:39 am
our nation's heroes, people like sergeant cartright and lieutenant colonel. >> in a world of threat that is know no worders, their legacy will be marked in the safety of our cities and towns and the security exam opportunities that is extenned abroad. >> later this morning the first lady attend, thanks vest rans and families for their service. >> thank you very much. also this morning the governor is set to speak about the unique needs of military children. amazing video out of polk county texas, they caught this plan slide on camera. a p of the mountain slide -- portion of the mountain slide fell on to the roadway near where they were standing. a clean up ton roadway is underway. >> we will watch that again. i want to ask you before my
6:40 am
question. but think about how hard it is, have you ever walked up to a tree and pushed a tree. they don't move. >> most time, no. >> don't roll the video yet. >> that was half a force. >> if a car were to run into a tree like that it would be fatal, trammic, the lead story of the 11:00 new, and that thing slides down the hillside like it is something. is there audio with this or was it fed to us,. >> you can hear nit back brand. >> i want to know what it sound like. >> yeah. >> i was waiting for somebody to say something.
6:41 am
>> that's an old news crew said darn. >> look at first warning doppler. we always hear about, you know, these mud slides after a ton of rain like we are seeing. it is steady but not anythingheavy. let look at the outlook, temperatures remain steady in the low others and somehowers in the forecast. right now it is raining everywhere. keep an um brail la handy. coming up on coffee with, taking over the csi franchise, dr. raymond. >> okay. so csi is doing this trilogy involving all of the franchises, vegas, miami, and new york. we will join on conference to talk about this. . >> it is low key but it is a good interview. >> we have the traffic and
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>> the complete forecast and first warning of severe wetter. >> winds are northeast at 10
6:45 am
and barometer is at 30.24. it is a cold front keeping us in clouds and showers. 39 this morning, 50 in cumberland. we are all right around 50. we have a 48 haegers torn, 53 packs river. 55 ocean city. west minister and bell air, the exceptions but that is we are all around 50. here is the front through the area but remember off to the south you have what was ida, which is now a big area of low pressure off the coast, it is causing a traffic jam and preventing this front from really getting out of here quick. it is not necessarily stalling but it will take its time. by friday drier air and we get set up for what's a nice and actually warming weekend. this day we will say a high of 56. if we get there, great. i am not sure we will. 42 tonight, still showers around, and even in the upper 40s, still showers around, with e will clear it out on friday, saturday, that's a warm
6:46 am
frornghts 55 to 58, to 67. sunday is very nice. sunny and 67. don take it away? there's a rush because of veterans day but here is sharon. >> we have a handful of accidents because of the rain, the latest ton harrisburg expressway, it is just a back up to gun powder falls bridge. it will set you back about five or six minutes, there, watch for an accident on the southwest inner loop, another crash in the city at west 24th at west bell va deer a water main break at -- there is a live lookout side, the west side running delay free at liberty road, no issue at 295 and there's a look at the delay on the harrisburg expressway because of the accident just pass, this is brought to you by toyota, one of america's best
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selections of car, trucks, suvs, toyota moving forward. back to you impis g. >> we offered you football -- win three officially licensed chairs from home furnishings. our first winner is fred mchugh. here is the set up for what's about to follow. at 10:00, cbs trilogy, this week, after being called in by the miami, the character is going to csi new york tonight immediately followed by eyewitness news. >> you can probably on whatever whoever your cable provider is, you can probably on deman get the csi that ran last night. >> the first installment in
6:48 am
this trilogy mini series. >> it is interesting because laura, is it a trilogy or a mini series. he's low key but very much. we are welcome back to the -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> listen, just real quick, last night we spoke was when you got this gig, and now you've settled into the csi franchise, does it fit like a glove now. >> not quite. i am working on that. it fit, i am comfortable with it. it fits me, i think i fit the show. but it hasn't got the glove- like thing yet. i think i need a season. >> they're morphing you into the show the other day and i was taken back at how well by bringing you in as a consultant again it shows the quality of
6:49 am
the show. >> they did a really smart thing, didn't try to sort of make me the instant replacement for william peterson because you know you can't replace someone like that character was so interesting and beloved but by the fans of the show, there was no way to really replace him. >> it is a great compliment to the entire ensemble and behind the scenes. now what we are doing is a mini series of which you are a part of. >> is that what you think we are doing. >> yeah, i think morphing the three shows into one is a gutted mini series. >> all right. if you say so. >> you don't think so? >> no. >> what would you call what we are doing? >> i am calling it the triple play. >> the triple play. >> okay. >> is that like something. >> i am using a baseball met
6:50 am
fore. >> okay. i will definitely accept that. i see where you are going with it. >> okay. what we are doing is asking people for three nights to follow the same plot line. >> yeah, but it is very simple. i means it is, and it is on real cases as well. it is actually really smart. >> it is really smart to hook you on a monday night and carry you through the res of the week. >> it is. hopefully we can pull it off. >> come on, you are going to pull it off, and of course,. >> from your lips to god's ears. >> the man behind me is the conduit. take my word on that. >> right on. >> i want to die guess for one second and get back to what we are talking about. you said it will fit like a glove in one more season.
6:51 am
as an ac gluer it takes about two years when doing a television show to fully flush out a character and really connect with the character when it comes to one hour drama. that's how it feel. >> what we are doing in triple play is going to accelerate this. >> you may be right about that. i hope that happens. >> how will you personally know when you have clicked? >> i don't know. i think it will be, it will just be some kind of internal thing, some kind of feeling that i get that makes sense for me. >> seven words on the emmy goes to -- >> no not those words. >> just out of curiosity, how do you take your coffee. >> jo think coffee. i drink tea. >> what kind of tea. >> you will have to -- i don't know, bribe somebody or kill somebody to fine out. >> do you drink it black or
6:52 am
cream in it? i'm not telling. >> lemon. >> i'm not telling man. i drink it when it is cool now have drink. how about that. >> you know what, i think if they were to figure out what they make like to-go coffee and cups with, they will fine out it doesn't bio degrade for like 2.5 million years. nice thought, isn't it. >> oh yeah. >> i will leave you with that. congratulations. >> we appreciate your time and effort. >> good guy. all right. >> three times this week. you add them all up. >> like replacing, if you think about that. >> we are taking a break and coming right back. lll
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. it is 5 till 7:00. here come your updates. >> we will put it in motion for you. i have to tell you it is pretty wet out there right now. it is and it will remain so for a while. let's look at the forecast for today. there will be times when the rain abaits but in general, keep an umbrella with you. cooler yeah, 56 the normal high, compared to the weather the past few days but it is not going feel cool. get it over to sharon gibala, good morning. good morning, we still have an accident on the harrisburg expressway that's causing the only delay of the morning in the southbound lane past causing a back up to gun powder
6:56 am
falls bridge. that will set you back about eight minutes. watch for an accident on north howard, oft one on parkway at west bell. a flashing light at route 30 and there's a look at the speeds in the northwest section of the beltway. that was the only place we were seeing delays. here is a look at the liberty road, looking good but wet. here is a look at the delay on 83. this traffic is brought to you by kaiser, and because laughter with help you boost the imhun system, allowing your body to better fight disease. we at kaiser permanente want you to thrive. >> thank you. the jury in mayor sheila dixon's trial have been seated. today off for the veterans holiday, and opening arguments should begin among those expected former boyfriend and developer ron lipscomb. john allen muhammad was
6:57 am
executed last night for killing a man in 2002 one of the ten people killed in the attack. >> >> on this veterans day, they were getting word a
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